Spending 49 hours in the air is a lot of time: the time flying, waiting at the gate, the security checks and waiting for your luggage.

All these accumulative efforts add up to almost twice that amount of time. How do you get anything done while spending so much time in transit?

First, here's where my travels took me last month.

I left my home-country, Lebanon, and flew to London to present at FullStack Conference.

After London, I flew to Lisbon and spent 10 days as a freelance programming teacher with the Le Wagon coding bootcamp. Then, I jumped on a plane to Brussels to teach front-end for 3 days with Le Wagon in Brussels.

After that, I flew in to Sydney to present at the first NDC Sydney. A few days later, I took the plane to Brisbane to visit family.

Then the journey was over, I headed back from Brisbane to Beirut, Lebanon.

Here's what I realized.

At first, flying seemed like a major assault on my productivity. I started carrying my laptop with me in the cabin because I knew I had a lot of time to ‘waste’ during the flight.

But the lack of internet and social media disturbances left me in a state of undisturbed productivity. Then it hit me.

I was actually most productive while flying.

After this revelation, I began setting up my laptop and planning a set of tasks to work on during the flight. I manually transfer my tasks from Trello and Google Inbox to a text file and preload all documents I might need.

Devs, listen up!

If you’re a developer, preloading your documents wouldn’t work for documentation. You wouldn't know what kind of functions you’d encounter.

Luckily, “There’s an app for that!” and it’s called Dash (or devdocs), which gives you offline access to software documentation. Can’t fly without Dash!

The message I want to get across today is that you might be the most productive in places you’d never expect yourself to be. Always keep an eye on ways you can make the most of a situation. Adapt!