From all the cities I go to, Amsterdam is always my favorite. With its beautiful architecture, canals and parks, it's indeed one of a kind.

From the times I’ve been there, I managed to compile a list of favorite places, activities and tips for first time visitors.

Where to stay

Ideally, staying in city center would definitely be the best option for renting an apartment or booking a hotel. Unfortunately, prices are very expensive in the center. Here are some great options just around the city center.

De Pijp

De Pijp is my favorite neighborhood in Amsterdam. The “cool” people neighborhood. Lots of shops, restaurants, pubs.



Our Airbnb in Amsterdam West

Oud-West is a dynamic and muticultural neighborhood, very close to Vondelpark.


Jordaan has lots of highlights like Anne Frank house. It can be a bit expensive since it’s closer to the city center.

Getting around



Biking in Amsterdam is an essential experience as a visitor. A bike rental costs around 10€/day and gets cheaper when you rent for multiple days. Donkey Republic is a great option that lets you rent, lock and unlock your bike from their mobile app.

Public transport

  • Tram: Trams are spread inside the city and a bit around it. So it’s great for getting around the city center.
  • Bus: Some areas in Amsterdam cannot be reached by tram, in that case buses can come in handy.
  • Train: There are 7 train stations in Amsterdam, it’s best for transportation across the country.
  • Metro: Metro runs mostly overground and is great for transportation from the suburbs to the center.


  • OV Chipcard: If you’re staying more than 5 days, you can buy a rechargeable OV chipcard for 8€ and recharge it with the amount you want. It works for tram, metro, bus, train.

  • Disposable tickets: If you’re staying for less than 5 days, then disposable cards might work better for you (valid for 1 hour or one to seven days).

Food & drinks


Foodhallen /

Amsterdam's restaurants and cafes are known for their cozy warm atmosphere, beautiful interior, and wide varieties of food from different cultures.

Here are our favorites:

Things to do

Getting high


Try to avoid the touristic coffee shops like Bull Dog, these are always overcrowded and can easily rip you off.



Over the edge /

There are lots of musuems and attractions to see in Amsterdam. Here are some.



Vondelpark /

When the sun’s out, the best way to cherish its warmth is spending your day in Amsterdam's amazing parks.



Kalverstraat /

Amsterdam is known for its car-free shopping streets in the city center.

Day trips outside Amsterdam


Keukenhof Garden /

Taking train trips from Amsterdam is a great way to see Holland, it's quick and efficient.

  • Zaanse Schans: Breathtaking little town, 20 mins from central
  • Keukenhof: Amazing flower garden, 30 mins by bus from central
  • Zandvoort beach: Long sand beach, 30 mins from central
  • Haarlem: As pretty as Amsterdam but less congested, 20 mins from central

Any suggestions? Let us know in the comments if you have any other places to add. We’ll make sure to keep this list updated.

Enjoy Amsterdam! 🇳🇱